Electronic Medical Records

At PCG, we have a paperless operation. We use Practice Fusion as our electronic medical records system. Practice Fusion offers a patient portal for our patients. 

Through our system, we will not only record all the information of your medical history, medications and lab results, but will also provide you with a unique feature to communicate with us 24hours a day, seven days a week without using your phone in a secured way.

The Patient Fusion is a feature you will find on our website. This system is password protected and only YOU have access to this feature once you join our practice. Here you can:

  • Request appointments, medication refills
  • Look up lab results
  • Update you personal information (change of address, phone number, insurance
  • Send messages to our staff

Do you have to go to the pharmacy to drop off your prescriptions and pick them up later? Do you find yourself spending more money at the stores while waiting for your prescriptions? I know this happens to me. At PCG we use e-prescribing (electronic prescribing). At the end of your visit with Dr. Lamadrid, he will electronically send your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice. After you leave the office, you can stop by your pharmacy to pick up the medications and move on to the next task of your day. That's another way we try to save you time and money.